Women are socialized in society to be seen and not heard. Many women have consequently lost their voice, and cannot speak out when their rights are trampled on.

Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo, known for her no-nonsense nature, said women start from a position of disadvantage in comparison to their male counterparts. She gave women tips on how to fight for their space in different positions of leadership. They include:

Involve yourself in forums that offer mentorship

Mentorship is an opportunity to learn the ropes from women in leadership who are ahead of you. When a fellow woman holds your hand, they can tell you what to embrace or desist. You will get free advice that will help you achieve something in one year instead of ten years.

Women must not relent in the fight for equity

We are fighting for equity in parliament and in the constitution, and not equality. Women face serious blocks in their quest for leadership positions, not only in politics but even in the corporate world. Equity will help women be at par in matters representation with men.

Do not fear being labeled as aggressive or abrasive

Fight for your space as a woman in the leadership of political parties, during the party nominations and even elections. Inclusion does not come easy, and men who are not comfortable with an aggressive or abrasive woman will label them as such to stop them on their way to greatness.

Allocate funds to the 47 women representatives

In Kenya, a leader is felt because of the development projects they bring to the people. However, the women representatives have no kitty and their leadership is consequently not felt.

Study courses that build your leadership and communication skills

Most women who study law are vocal and can fight for their rights, and the rights of others because of the training they go through. Communication students also have honed their skills in passing a message strongly. These ability to speak boldly and factually is not a preserve of a few. Invest in short courses that will horn the needed skills for a woman in leadership.