Ask any Kenyan you meet names of male boxers in the country, they probably do not know of any.

Ask them about female boxers, and they most definitely will mention one or two names that have stuck with them.

Most recently, nicknamed ‘Iron Fist’, Zarika Fatuma has made Kenyans watch boxing whenever she is in the ring, fighting.

Zarika faced Zambia’s Catherine Phiri and won to retain her title of World Boxing Council (WBC) super bantamweight champion.

Before that, she had beat Mexican Yamileth Mercado to the excitement of the crowd watching the boxing rounds.

Kenyans are in love with the sporting prowess of Zarika, waiting to see where she goes next in her fights.

Zarika reminds the audience of another prolific female boxer, Conjestina Achieng.

Conjestina was fearless in the ring and would intimidate her opponents in the ring with her bravely.

She was the first African woman boxer to win a world title as the middleweight champion – Women’s International Boxing Federation, and was nicknamed ‘hands of stone’.

Women boxers continue to be loved by Kenyans and supported when in the ring.