Cancer, Kenya
Cancer cells do not act like normal cells but grow and divide out of control instead of dying when they should. In short, they are abnormal.

She asks, “How did money become more important than human life?”


Cancer is the third leading causes of death in Kenya, while facilities offering treatment for the disease remain countable.


This dire situation in Kenya is keeping families, friends awake as they worry over the treatment of their loved ones whether at Stage I, II, III or IV of the disease.


The Cancer monster is sparing nobody whether a politician, company director, musician, hoteliers, journalists or farmers.


This has even hit closer home with a former model, Emma Model, who strutted the catwalks during beauty contests openly saying how cancer has devastated her.


Too said, “It pains when I hear of how people are living with full knowledge they have cancer, someone my mum knows has known for a month but was sent home for lack of funds to operate, he reached out to my mum who is hospitalized to help him, now she’s stressed about him, her own is sugar.”


She went on to express her shock on how patients are treated when they visit health facilities.


“How can a Government of Kenya hospital send someone home to suffer? He can’t feed, his stomach is swollen?! These kinds of sad stories repeat themselves throughout the country.”


“How did money become more important than human life?”


Too urges the private sector to revisit their corporate social responsibility projects and give more towards the support of cancer treatment, and hopefully give more years for cancer patients to enjoy with their families.


“Corporate Kenya, please use your CSR deeds and consider cancer patients who need funding for surgery or treatment because I do not know anyone who can comfortably fight cancer on their own.”


She even personalized her anguish, saying, “If I got it (cancer), I would not survive on my bank balance for a week if my life depended on it.”