Nick and Beth Mugo celebrate 61 years in marriage
Nick and Beth Mugo celebrate 61 years in marriage. Beth was 19 years old when she got married.

She is a breast cancer survivor.


Welcome to Women in Leadership Kenya where we take time to celebrate true love. A love that has lasted more than six decades – 61 years.

First, loads of congratulations from Kenyans living across the country to the lovely looking couple; Nick and Beth Mugo.

When we uploaded the picture of the couple on our Facebook page, hundreds would not believe that one Beth is 80 years old. Well, she is.

Despite surviving cancer and serving as Member of Parliament (MP) Dagoretti South; Beth looks lovely and walks straight and her eyes are sharp, looking far into the bright future before her.

We all know the murky nature of Kenyan politics but Beth made it through with the assured support of her husband, Nick. She is now serving the country as a Nominated Senator.

She got married at the young age of 19 and enjoys the company and love of her children.

Most constituents of Dagoretti South describe the soft-spoken Beth as motherly and doing a lot of development for the constituency through the development fund (CDF).


Facts about Beth Mugo.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011.

She started The Beth Mugo Cancer Foundation.

She is the Founder & Director of Beth International Ltd.

She served as Minister of Public Health and Sanitation in Kenya.

As a breast cancer survivor, she says, watch what you eat.

She has studied at Kambui Teachers Training College, Oxford High School, Goldly Beacom College, Syracuse University and Harvard University.

She was Assistant Minister for Education, and Assistant Minister for Higher Education, Science and Technology, and also Tourism.