Nairobi Women Representative, Kenya
Nairobi Women Representative wants a tent put up for learning to continue in school where a classroom collapsed and seven children died.

Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris, hours after the collapse of a classroom in the County, said it would only be practical for a tent to be put up in the school for learning to continue.


Speaking when she visited the site of the collapsed classroom at Precious Talent School, MP Passaris said, “Let a tent be given to the school for learning to continue but not close the school.”


She said the closure of all community schools because of the disaster that happened would lead to a major crisis affecting thousands of children, since most of Nairobi resources are strained from the dense population.


“Most private schools are constructed without architects. Unfortunately, we have more such buildings in the County that are made from iron sheets but with more than two, three floors. It is a disaster in waiting, and we must emphasize the construction of buildings that follow the right building standards whether made of stone, wood or iron sheets,” said MP Passaris.


The MP said because of the high population growth in the County, development was forced by population without a proper plan in place or followed. She, however, said the census results would guide the government and policymakers in channeling resources to the right places.


MP Passaris also urged parents to pay close attention to the facilities in schools where their children report every morning to learn. She said the same should be replicated in public transport where Kenyans must speak out against reckless drivers who are intoxicated among other vices.


By midday on Monday, Kenyatta National Hospital said they had received 64 pupils as patients. Two of the pupils were in a critical condition but the others were stable. The hospital had run different scans to ascertain their health status.

Other pupils were receiving treatment in other hospitals including Mbagathi District Hospital. Seven pupils were, however, confirmed dead.


MP Passaris congratulated the disaster management disaster team for their quick response.


“We have working disaster management since they came here very fast, and the road accessing the school was good. However, this area has no public school. The government must seek to increase the number of schools by putting up a primary and secondary school in this area,” said the County MP.