A Jubilee Nominated Senator stepped on the podium and moved her body all the way down and up, swinging her hips as she danced to the sheng composed song – Rieng – played by the DJee through the sound system.

As she prepared to speak during a meeting in Muranga, Senator Millicent Omanga started with the dance moves commonly known to the youth in the country before she went on to speak.

However, hardly had she done a paragraph into her speech, than she asked the crowd gathered at the Kandara polytechnic grounds in Muranga County to stand up and join her in worshipping God in a song.

Sen. Omanga, who is Kisii, stammered a bit as she tried to recollect the lyrics of the Kikuyu song she wanted the crowd to sing. Kandara is densely populated by people from the Kikuyu community.

She then said, “A song with these lyrics – Ngoro yakwa nírakèna, ngoro yàkwà ígàtumàmà…”, before a local woman from the crowd stepped forward and helped her in leading the hundreds gathered in singing the proposed song.

The meeting was hosted by Kandara MP Alice Wahome, who is Chair of the Inua Mama, Jenga Taifa group that comprises more than 40 women MPs who empower the youth, PWDs and women.