Nyandarua Women Representative Faith Gitau
Nyandarua Women Representative Faith Gitau with primary school pupils in Nyandarua County.


  • Faith Gitau is known as Mami Mwega, which is Kikuyu for ‘a Good Mother’.
  • Faith is serving her first term as Nyandarua Women Representative.
  • Faith recently launched a SACCO for Caterers in the County to empower them financially.
  • Faith is passionate about empowering the women, youth and disabled and expresses this in many ways including through her membership of the Inua Mama, Jenga Taifa Group.

Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations have just begun in Kenya, and a County MP has supported candidates in her area of jurisdiction by buying them lunch.

Nyandarua Women Representative Faith Gitau providing the food cements her commitment to serving the people and lives true to the mantra of Mami Mwega (Good Mother).

The candidates in Nyandarua County can concentrate on their papers without the worry about lunch.

Parents will also be less stressed knowing their children will have a meal available, as the examination period causes them (parents) jitters too.

Pheneus Mwaura said, “The free lunch is a nice gesture from the leader and a practical way of wishing the candidates success.”

Leaders across the country have wished the candidates success through infographic messages, success cards and buying stationery for the candidates.