MP Alice Wahome and other leaders
MP Alice Wahome and other leaders attend the 11th World Conference of the Ombudsman for the Armed Forces (ICOAF) at Sarajevo.


  • Such Ombudsman conferences started in Berlin, 2009, and have since been held annually.
  • This year’s conference is the biggest ever with representatives from over 50 countries.
  • Office of the Ombudsman in Kenya, Commission on Administrative Justice, was established in 1971.
  • The office investigates conduct in state affairs or public administration including complaints of unfair treatment, abuse of power among others.

Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has attracted high profile people for a conference.

Representatives from Kenya, including Kandara MP Alice Wahome, have attended this 11th World Conference of the Ombudsman for the Armed Forces (ICOAF).

MP Wahome is the Vice Chairperson of the Departmental Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs and a Member of the Committee on Delegated Legislation.

The conference aims to emphasize on the importance of building strong ombudsman institutions that are hardy to all kinds of pressures.

The theme this year is ‘Building Resilient and Sustainable Ombuds Institutions’ that have stronger internal capacities, able to withstand threats and also adapt to changing and challenging environments.

This theme has been brought about by an observation that states or governments intrude in the democratic space resulting to politicization, lack of objectivity and independence thus compromising on their work.

Kenyans will hopefully enjoy a better Ombuds, overseeing the armed forces, that follows the best practises in their work following guidance from the delegation in Sarajevo.