Joyce Emanikor, Turkana Women Rep
Turkana Women Rep Joyce Emanikor (centre) queries the Census 2019 Results.
  • Joyce Emanikor is serving her second-term as Turkana Women Rep
  • MP Emanikor previously worked with the UN and OXFAM Kenya
  • She participated in the translation of the Bible to Turkana language
  • She was Chairperson of Kerio Valley Development Authority
  • She is passionate about the community and education

Turkana Women Representative Joyce Emanikor has poked holes into the just-released census results.

MP Emanikor has first spoken on the plight of thousands of enumerators who worked tirelessly to collect the census data from across the country.

“I wish the government would have been as swift in paying the census enumerators as they have been in releasing the results,” said MP Emanikor.

The second term serving women leader said, “It is a shame that some people, most of them really needy, are still waiting to be paid for work they did.”

The sixth national census in Kenya was carried out on the night of 24th August in 2019.

After studying the released census results touching on her county, Turkana, MP Emanikor observed that some of the regions were missing in the figures.

“Can we see the population of Lorumoru, Kaemosea among other unreachable areas. The results cannot be just what we have been given,” said the County MP.

Turkana County covers 77,000 square kilometres and is the largest county in Kenya after Marsabit County. It is divided into six constituencies and seven sub-counties.

The constituencies are Loima, Turkana Central, Turkana East, Turkana North, Turkana South, and Turkana West.

The sub-counties are Kibish, Loima, Turkana Central, Turkana East, Turkana North, Turkana South, and Turkana West

In regard to the census count for constituencies, MP Emanikor said, “Turkana North being the largest constituency with two sub-counties has been treated unfairly in terms of numbers.”

The Results are:

Kibish 36,769

Turkana North 65, 218

Loima 107,795

Turkana East 138, 526

Turkana South 153, 736

Turkana Central 185, 305

Turkana West 239, 627