Stacy Michuki (in green) receives the Kenya flag from Deputy President William Ruto as she will represent Kenya in the Miss Universe contest in Atlanta Georgia on December 8, 2019 in Nairobi.

Yes, the word is out.

Stacy Michuki will be representing Kenya in the Miss Universe Contest to be held in a few weeks in Atlanta, Georgia in the USA.

Ms. Michuki will be strutting the catwalk on December 8, 2019, in the much-acclaimed international contest.

She received the Kenya flag from Deputy President William Ruto in Nairobi, who wished her the best in the contest.

Terry Mungai, who has mentored many models in the country, is also the Manager in-charge of Ms. Michuki.

Ms. Michuki is rumoured to be a granddaughter of the Late, No-Nonsense Minister and Colonial Chief, John Michuki.

Other models who were recognised by the Deputy President include Elsie Hemsi Stephens, Miss World Kenya 2019 1st Runners Up; Franklyne Asoyo, Mr World Kenya 2019.

Deputy President William Ruto handing the Kenyan flag to Elsie Hemsi Stephens Miss World Kenya 2019 1st Runners Up and Franklyne Asoyo, Mr. World Kenya 2019 in Nairobi. Looking on is their manager Terry Mungai.

What does it take to be a great model?

  •    Have a strong body and slim, but not thin.
  •    Be confident.
  •    Know how to walk, especially for a catwalk model.
  •    Know how to work with a camera, and perform.
  •    Build a portfolio of your work.
  •    Learn how to cope with rejection.
  •    Eat right.
  •    Learn your body, makeup that works.
  •    Take care of your hair.
  •    Take care of your skin.
  •    Avoid smoking that affects your skin.