Twa Twa
Couples Seminar by the Twa Twa Pastor

Women in the leadership of the church speak about issues affecting families, workplaces and society.


There is a new phrase in Kenya – Twa Twa – and it took the country by storm, trending faster than Punguza Mzigo or Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

However, not much was revealed about the woman who is behind the phrase or even the event where the video was recorded.

Below, discover three things about the Twa Twa pastor.

  1. Her name is Pastor Susan Munene, and the husband is Pastor Joseph Munene.
  2. She shares sound Christian Doctrine. The video Kenyans watched was edited to a few seconds leaving out a bulk of her message shared with the audience. The Pastor was speaking extensively on a message touching on couples and families in a palatable way for Christians, however, the edited piece was not contextualized. She seeks to strengthen families in her candid conversations.
  3. She was speaking at Kingdom Seekers Fellowship, Nairobi Thika Superhighway that is under the leadership of Rev. Edward Wainaina and Pastor Ann Wainaina.
  4. The Twa Twa pastor is scheduled to hold a couples seminar at the church on 30th Nov 2019 (poster attached). Following her trending video, the venue will most likely be filled to capacity. Arrive early to get a seat.

Women Pastors are looked up to by their congregations to shepherd the flock and instill values in the younger women especially in how they bring up their families and impact their communities. The women are therefore leaders.