Chairperson Inua Mama, Kandara MP Alice Wahome
Chairperson Inua Mama, Jenga Taifa Group and Kandara MP Alice Wahome speaks at the Bomet Green Stadium.

Are women their worst enemies? Pulling each other down instead of offering support?


Narc Kenya Leader, Martha Karua has been asked to stop abusing her fellow women leaders and diluting the gains made in the quest for female leadership in the country.

The Former Gichugu MP harshly referred to women leaders associated with Inua Mama and Embrace as praise choirs for their male counterparts while speaking in a conference in Ethiopia.

Speaking at the Bomet Green Stadium, Chairperson of ‘Inua Mama, Jenga Taifa’, Alice Wahome gave free advice to Ms. Martha urging her not to press down on other women using her tongue.

She reminded Hon. Karua of her past political history when she openly supported retired President Mwai Kibaki and was in the forefront of different political groupings pushing their agenda.

“You have also dressed in party colours of Narc Kenya, PNU and participated in political dances. You (Hon. Karua) are welcome to give us advice, but we refuse and reject the language and manner in which you delivered your message against women,” said MP Wahome.

Hon. Karua’s statement was even published in the headline page of one of the national newspapers attracting anger from across the country from leaders and mashinani women in equal measure.

“When you say that women leaders under Inua Mama and Embrace are cheerleaders or choir girls, what do you want to tell Kenyans?” asked MP Wahome.

MP Wahome advised Hon. Karua to watch her words because they will positively or negatively affect generations and even taint her image as a leader.

“I think you need to watch your words lest you bring down the women of this country. You have let women down. You, Hon. Karua, should never be heard discouraging women,” said MP Wahome.

Women have for years fought for their space in the community and national leadership through elections, nominations and the Constitution provided for affirmative action through the two-third gender rule.