Former Senator Zipporah Kittony.

Former Senator Zipporah Kittony, speaking as a mother in Kenya, during a Maendeleo ya Wanawake Organisation press briefing in Nairobi, expressed support for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) process.


The Senator said that the BBI process was giving the 48 million Kenyans an opportunity to review what would have been missed during the formulation of the 2010 Constitution and incorporate it.


“BBI is giving us the time to check the Constitution 2010, so we can check on what was missed out on this opportune moment. Let us voluntarily give our views. Let us coexist. We were admired greatly as a country in the past, what has happened?” she said.


Ms. Kittony who spoke on behalf of mothers in the country said that they were deeply concerned with the lack of respect for elders and the President, especially by elected leaders.


“Let us respect the elders and respect where the power lies. Let us ask ourselves, what do we want for this country. Let us take a pause. Kenya is bigger than all of us. Kenya will remain. Politics come and go but Kenya will remain,” said MS Kittony.


She urged Kenyans to embark on what the BBI was bringing on the table and stop the noise, in addition to respecting others and the President who was the symbol of power.


Ms. Kittony said that she blamed the Constitution 2010 that made many think ‘they have the freedom to do anything and then go to court’.


The women expressed support by President Uhuru Kenyatta against corruption.


They also warned that the endless noise in the country was giving ‘our enemies’ an opportunity to strike noting the increase in Al-Shabab alerts in the country.


The press was also advised to censor content that is not beneficial to Kenyans.