In a sitting of the Kenya Parliament in Nairobi, a Member of Parliament narrated in great detail the spread of corona virus among family members and friends.

For more than five minutes on the floor of the House, Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo Mabona spoke candidly on the impact of COVID-19 in families and communities.

“In my own family, I have members who have tested positive out of COVID-19 who are out of the country. It is actually a real thing. I have friends who have tested positive. One of them I saw in the media in the UK, another one in the UK. My other friend in the US has tested positive,” said MP Odhiambo.

COVID-19 makes people live in fear

She also spoke of the fear the virus has instilled in the daily lives of people and urged people to continue in prayer for the plague to end.

“And I have people who on a daily basis are living out of fear because of this COVID-19. And some of them I can report having recovered. When we treat it (the disease) very casually, it is going to really affect us badly,” she added.

Restricted travel

“My Speaker, I remember there was a case recently reported in Homabay, and I want to say that the virus is a new thing that we need to beef up on information and issues of protocol.

When we allow people to go bury their loved ones at home, do we then quarantine them at home or how do we deal with this? Now, Nairobi to Homabay now looks like one country to another, not county to county.”

The Government has put in place a 7 pm – 5 am curfew, and also restricted movement in and out of counties for 21 days in Kilifi, Kwale, Nairobi and parts of Kiambu, Mombasa and (days later) Mandera.

“Yesterday, I was told of people from Ukambani who suddenly appeared in Mfangano Island. They have been quarantined. So, how do we deal with such cases?” asked Odhiambo.

Voluntary testing

MP Odhiambo revealed she had not been tested for COVID-19 like some of her colleagues. A newspaper article had scared her after it reported of MPs who were positive, and that made her keep off the house precincts.

“On testing of MPs, let testing be voluntary for all members in the House. We have not been here for a long time. We are dressed like we are at war, against an invisible army.

Is corona transmitted sexually?

She also told the House, and Kenyans that corona was not a sexually transmitted disease.

“We are making corona seem like a sexually transmitted disease, and therefore creating a stigma around it. It is not sexually transmitted,” she pointed out.