Susan Rice, a likely candidate for the Democrats as Vice President.

America politics are shaping up and alignments happening day and night.

Susan Elizabeth Rice is a likely candidate for the seat of Vice President in the Democratic Party.

She was President Barack Obama’s final national security adviser before Michael Flynn.

Flynn became an important component of the Donald Trump Presidential Race even introducing him to mega crowds during the campaigns.

It is reported that Trump and Republican lawmakers accused Rice of committing a crime of leaking identities of Senior Trump associates picked as part of U.S. intelligence-led surveillance of foreign officials.

Flynn was made national security adviser of President Trump but was fired only 22 days after his appointment. He was dragged into court amongst a myriad of other accusations.

However, some in the Trump campaign are thinking of a Flynn comeback in the Trump 2020 campaigns because of his ability to bring energy into the team.

To balance the scale, A Flynn comeback on the Republican side, and Rice on the other side of the democrats will make political sense. Both are conversant with the workings of the deep state.

Joe Biden, the likely ultimate candidate for the Democratic Party in the 2020 US elections is contemplating a Rice Vice Presidency.