Women In Leadership Falhada Iman
Nominated Sen. Falhada Iman

Senator Falhada Iman is a nominated to serve in the Kenya Senate by the ruling political party, Jubilee. The party leader is President Uhuru Kenyatta. She was nominated by the Party after it won elections in the year 2017.

Sen. Falhada is from Garissa County and sometimes represents the Garissa Delegation in the legislative house when the elected Garissa Senator Yusuf Haji is absent, like during the vote for the Division of County Revenue Allocation Formula in August 2020.

Sen. Falhada, who is in her 30s, is serving her first term in a political office. She is a member of the Inua Mama, Jenga Taifa Group that supports Deputy President William Ruto in his bid for State House or President in the year 2022. The Inua Mama Group travels to different parts of the country empowering the women, youth, and PWDs.