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Sanitary pads and tampons free in Scotland

It is an almost perfect world for women and girls in Scotland as sanitary pads and tampons are distributed free of charge by the Government.

The Members of Parliament unanimously voted for a bill that culminated in free sanitary products for all in the country.

The bill is a welcome financial relief for 98 percent of women who have the monthly reproductive cycle every month.

The Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Bill passed unanimously in the house shows the support from men in this gender issue.

The implementation of the bill will cost the country 32 million dollars annually.

Women and girls will not suffer the shame of stained dresses and skirts from using local products like pieces of sponge or mattresses and leaves.

MPs in Scotland during debates for the bill tackled formerly taboo topics like heavy bleeding and endometriosis.

Scotland has scored a first across the world in offering sanitary products free of charge for all who need them.