Mercy Nungari Women In Leadership
Mercy Nungari, Nominated MCA in Kiambu County Assembly

Do you know that there is no hospital in Kenya stocked with medicine for epileptic patients?

Well, this is a burden in the heart of Kiambu Nominated MCA Mercy Nungari who has launched a campaign to assist thousands in Kenya suffering from this condition.

MCA Nungari called on President Uhuru Kenyatta in conjunction with the Ministry of Health to set aside a day for the epileptic when they can receive free treatment in Government hospitals, and raise awareness of this condition to all Kenyans.

Speaking on Kenya Diaspora Media, MCA Nungari that she had volunteered to assist many epileptic people in Kenya, but upon arriving at the hospital found there were no stocked drugs for the condition.

She was then forced to seek for a chemist and found the drugs at Sh1, 000.

“I have started a campaign to highlight the plight of the epileptic to the society and Government. Will an epileptic spare Sh1, 000 to buy medicine or food? As hundreds are unable to buy medicine, they fall and injure themselves affecting their overall health further,” said MCA Nungari.

She also urged the Government to fully recognize them among people living with disability and ensure they receive their financial benefits, saying that although some are listed, they do not receive the monthly stipend sent as ‘somebody’ illegally profits from it.

MCA Nungari also shared that epileptic children do not go to school, and this causes a vicious cycle in their lives since they are not employed or establish profitable businesses.

“Society views the epileptic as cursed. They are segregated in society. Are not married nor employed,” said MCA Nungari.

Kenyans need to be exposed to the hard life the epileptic go through.

She was interviewed at Kenya Diaspora Media USA