Governor Anne Waiguru
Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru

Listening to leaders reveals their core. Understanding the ‘why’ of the things they do and do not do.

Let us enjoy this quick read of Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru as she shares how one can maximize their returns in politics and life.

  • What shapes her actions and beliefs in private and public?
  • Why did she shake hands with Raila Odinga; One of her sworn political enemies?
  • How did she bounce back into leadership from Cabinet Secretary Devolution to Governor?
  • Wasn’t she fearful of a Martha Karua, the iron lady of Kenya, duel during the Kirinyaga campaigns?
  • How she stood tall in Kibra by-elections as leaders from Mt Kenya gave the campaigns a wide berth?
  • What makes Waiguru the indomitable woman we all know and love?

Gov Waiguru says:

“I did not start by planning what has happened in my life. Things keep unfolding.”

“We, human beings, do not exist in a vacuum. The political environment keeps shifting every day.”

She then summarises her character in three sentences:

Gov Waiguru: I have very little fear in me.

Gov Waiguru: I work with conviction.

Gov Waiguru: I believe in what I do.

And her advice to every politician in Kenya and abroad, “Politics is about risks. Sell your agenda, strongly, and people will make a choice.”

Kenyans wait to see her next move in the 2022 general elections. Will Waiguru contest for the Kirinyaga Governor seat again, or seek a higher office in the national government?


Governor Waiguru during an interview with Tony Gachoka on the TV Show, Point Blank.



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