Women advised how to safely live with snakes


Women living in arid and semi-arid areas have been warned against killing snakes they find in their houses, compounds, and along the roads.

Instead, they have been asked to live safely with the snakes in a very simple way that keeps the reptiles outside the house, and away from children and other members of the family.

Baringo Governor Stanley Kiptis during a public meeting warned locals against killing the snakes.

He said, “During the dry season, take a small sufuria and put water in it and place it a few metres outside your house door, and the snake will not enter your house.”

“Let us not kill the snakes but alert the wildlife officers because these wild animals are a tourist attraction and will rake in resources for our County,” he continued.

Some snakes carry killer venom in their fangs that can kill within minutes of biting a person or animal. Consequently, the reptiles are feared and quickly killed by human beings once spotted. This creates a vicious human-wildlife conflict in communities.

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