Shiro Wa GP Spreads Her Singing Wings to Corners Untold

Gospel Songs is Life for Shiro Wa GP


Shiro Wa GP is a media sensation in the Kenyan music scene. She sings gospel music with passion and dedication. She loves to dance and jump a lot in her music. She sings in a strong soprano very well and is loved by young girls and young women in Kenya, who sing along to her songs in the Kikuyu language religiously, including the men in the society. (Only one song Shiro has sung in the Swahili language, Jana Imepita).

She sings only gospel songs encouraging her listeners and followers in the Gospel of Christ, and for them to live a full life despite the challenges they find on their way. She faced a traumatic time in her life when she was pregnant with twins and unfortunately lost one. The one who survived is alive today.

During the tough period of loss, her story attracted media attention and in one of the sessions when Kenyans were raising funds willingly and heartily towards a huge hospital bill she and the twins had accrued, President Uhuru Kenyatta heard the story on the radio and gave cash too.

Shiro Wa GP has established a music school ‘FineTune’ where she nurtures talent among people who love to sing. Students learn the skills and know-how behind singing, and even establishing a YouTube channel and growing followers, to making a living from the platform.

Shiro Wa GP does not charge all students. Needy students undertake the classes for free. The school has partnered with wellwishers in the USA and UK who assist in meeting certain expenses. Shiro says her intention is not to profit from the business but to grow others to sing and dance for the Lord.

In addition, the best student every year gets to go study in the UK for two years on a full-paid scholarship.

Shiro Wa GP is passionate in her ministry of song and dance and does this lively in her home, churches, streets, children’s homes, and schools among others. Every podium she gets to praise the Lord, she does.

Shiro is married to GP. She is a woman leader in the gospel music industry in her own right, and we wish her all the best in all her endeavors.

Some of the songs she has sung:

Mugaruri (the changer)

Nduri wiki (you are not alone)

Mucamo (the taste)

Irema (scars)

Muoroto (direction)

Mihaka (boundaries)

Jana Imepita (yesterday is gone)

Riboti (the report)

Mugai (the one who divides)

Itua riega (a good decision)

Nikuri Ngai (there is a God)

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