In a recent poll, Gladys Chania leads in popularity in the race for Kiambu Woman Representative. In a table that captures eight aspirants for the county seat, Chania leads with 20 percent.

                She is closely followed by Anne Wamuratha with 19%, Loise Kim 17%, and Mercy Nungari with 8%. The rest are further below in rating Njeri Bakari 4%, and Alice Gatheki, Annah Nyokabi, and Mary Kirika with 3% each.

                Chania scores highest in seven constituencies of Ruiru, Thika, Kiambu Town, Kikuyu, Lari, Githunguri, and Juja. She must put more effort into selling her candidature in Kiambaa with alow of 5%, Limuru 8%, and Kabete 12.5%.

                What makes Madam Chania stands out is her years of service in the communities of Kiambu County, and touching the lives of thousands through initiatives run at a personal, local and international level to transform lives.

GLADYS CHANIA as a young woman in the streets sweeping and serving the people.


           On health, Madam Chania lobbied for the initiation and functioning of several health centres, notably -Mutonya Health Centre in Ruiru, and also advocated for the reopening of Mukuyu-ini dispensary in Gatundu North between Lions International and the Catholic Church.

           She is an active champion of maternal health as a point person of the Beyond Zero campaign on EmTcE (Early mother to child elimination) of HIV/Aids. She also gets assistance for mothers who give birth to more than one child; twins, triplets, quadruplets in the County.

Serving people in a hospital ward.

           As a counselor, she has worked with victims of sexual gender-based violence, alcohol, and drug addicts. ”I have counseled, treated, and rehabilitated over 3000 youths, some are fully reformed and working with testimonials,” she said.


           Madam Chania is also a self-imposed responder/directory advocating for zero tolerance on SGBV counseling and helping in the prosecution process where possible. Over the years, she has advocated for the rights of people living with disability, counseled them, acquired education spaces and assistive mobility devices for them.

           Madam Chania has also worked with the aged including being a voice for the elderly on their constitutional rights including cash transfers, SGBV, and other age-related abuses.

           Madam Chania has pushed for the education of all children in Kenya by pushing for Government bursary and private sponsorship from the private sector and also encouraging return to school in cases of early pregnancy.


In addition to her expertise in Counselling Psychology, Madam Chania holds a degree in Justice and Security Studies that sharpens her skills in handling therapy cases of hard-core drug abusers, rapists, and LGBT, which though not legal in Kenya is becoming prevalent.

                Following years of service, Madam Chania has an award in leadership, alcohol and substance abuse advocacy, gender empowerment, and inclusion. She has also served on management boards including hospital and international NGOs.


Madam Chania led the TNA party, 2012-2016, as County Coordinator and helped secure county wins in different positions. 2017-early 2022, she was in KANU and a NEC official and National Secretary for the Women Congress. This January, she went back to Jubilee Party and is running for the seat of Kiambu Woman Rep under the Azimio Coalition. “KANU took too long deciding whether to join Azimio, and I did not want to be locked out of supporting President Uhuru. Over the years, I have been a consistent defender of the President, since 2012,” she said.

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