Anne Wanjiku Wamuratha
Anne Wanjiku Wamuratha, UDA Party Woman Representative Candidate in Kiambu County

Anne Wanjiku Wamuratha (UDA Party) combines the traits of all the woman representative candidates of 2022 in an interesting mix resulting in her leading the pack, and whoever comes second to her at a far distance trying to catch up.

This combination of characteristics, her background in accounts, marketing, bookkeeping, the media, and working with politicians in her early days equips her with multiple skills that will come in handy in steering the office of woman representative in Kiambu County.

Spotlighting every candidate:

Mercy Nungari (Jibebe Party) is a radio presenter, and Ms. Wamuratha also has been in the media field for more than six years in different shows, including the ViuSasa APP.

Gladys Chania (Jubilee Party) is a trained counselor and Ms. Wamuratha is also trained in psychological counseling and has spoken in more than 2,000 meetings, excluding TV and Radio programs impacting millions who had lost direction or given up in life in different ways.

Loice Kim (Independent Candidate) is a Singer, and Ms. Wamuratha is one too, especially in her early days with a memory of lyrics is of a high level that she sings along to hundreds of songs with ease.

Wamuratha’s Involvement in the Second Liberation

Unknown to many, Ms. Wamuratha worked at Ufungamano House as a young girl and interacted closely with Raila Odinga, Martha Karua, James Orengo, Paul Muite, Kenneth Matiba, and Rev. Timothy Njoya among others during the struggle for the second liberation.

“Politics is not new to me. I worked with some of the political greats in Kenya as a young lady,” said Ms. Wamuratha.

She, however, does not like the murky side of politics and prefers to play fair game and stick to her values. Ms. Wamuratha believes that political players wield a lot of power in shaping a generation and should not squander this God-given opportunity.

Multiple Skills Critical for a Woman Representative

In addition, Ms. Wamuratha is a trained accountant with deep knowledge of bookkeeping. These skills, she believes will come in handy in her oversight role as a woman representative and the budget-making process.

She has also worked as a brand ambassador with known companies and businesses because of her huge influence, training, and knowledge in marketing. She will use her influence to mobilise partners, including companies and other organisations to help in empowering the people.

Wamuratha is also a skilled and talented motivational speaker who has engaged thousands of people in more than 2,500 meetings.

“I draw satisfaction when someone tells me they were about to give up in life, commit suicide, undergo a divorce or separation but after listening to me speak in the media or at a function, their life changed for the better,” she added.

Wamuratha is also respected for her clarity in dissecting issues making her the best to have on the floor of Parliament to speak for Kiambu County and push/lobby for impactful legislation.

 “I want to scale my work and develop long-term policy interventions that will transform lives in Kiambu County, and Kenya,” she said.

She has grown to be a recognised and respected leader and speaker on issues affecting society not only in Kiambu County but in the Mount Kenya region.

“I will use my God-given skills as a mobiliser, defender of rights, homemaker, and uniter of families to push for legislation and projects that will transform the lives of women, girls and I will not leave behind the boys and men,” said Ms. Wamuratha.

She told critics against her speaking of the boy-child: “People should understand that when boys and men are left behind in the overall development of society, and they get lost in joblessness and drunkenness, parents including mothers are greatly affected.”

She has given life-changing talks at weddings, dowry ceremonies, school meetings, churches, community events, political engagements, staff building events, and company meetings among others with a dose of realism and humour.

(Ms. Anne Wamuratha’s informative and humorous videos are freely available on YouTube)

All the best to the woman representative candidates of Kiambu County! 

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