Known not to give up, and passionate about public and community service, five women who contested for political office in different parts of Kiambu County have vowed to pursue their life’s dream despite all odds in their path.

EMMA WANGARI, popularly known as Mama Mwiko, launched a genius campaign for the position of Kiambu Woman Representative where she distributed the kitchen equipment, mwiko, (cooking stick) to all households in Kiambu.

Emma Wangari, aka Mama Mwiko, vied for the office of Kiambu Woman Representative

Mama Mwiko carried hundreds of the mwiko during the political campaign seasons and distributed them to women in the market, bodaboda operators and all who attended different campaign rallies.

She believed that as they used the mwiko to make ugali, pound mukimo or make sumptuous stew, they would remember to vote for her. Despite being a newcomer in politics, and under 30 years, she was among the most popular woman representatives in Kiambu.

JANE NYOKO also ran a formidable campaign at Nyathuna Ward in Kabete Constituency in her efforts to lead the people as their elected Member of County Assembly.

Nyoko, who has served in the church, community, financial institutions and school boards is a well-known mobiliser who has a knack for public speaking and convincing the people to pursue life changing causes for their families, career, business and work.

During the highly contested UDA nominations, Nyoko lost by only two votes to the number one.

Jane Nyoko vied for the office of Nyathuna Ward MCA

TABBY WAMAI vied for the position of Member of County Assembly (MCA) at the Limuru East ward in Limuru Constituency. She served in the corporate world for eight years before joining the world of community service and politics.

Tabby Wamai vied for the office of Limuru East MCA

Ms Wamai is candid about her journey through career and pursuit of political office, and believes that God will grant her the opportunity to serve in different capacities and change lives in a bigger way.

Ms Wamai also desires to seek mentorship from top women leaders in the country, and sharpen her skills in public speaking, mobilization and life changing community service. She believes Kenya will achieve the ‘no more than two-thirds gender quota’ as stated in the Constitution when all actors cooperate.

ANNE WANJIKU fought fearlessly and strongly in the cosmopolitan ward of Kiambu town to become the area Member of the County Assembly (MCA). She is passionate about people, and will go out of her way to offer assistance to individuals and the community.

Anne Wanjiku vied for the Office of Kiambu Town MCA

Ms Wanjiku is also known for her jovial demeanour and huge bank of songs in her memory that she leads in a melodious tune to the excitement of the people, who break into dance easily. Ms Wanjiku believes that her efforts in public service will continue bearing fruit and encouraged all people seeking elective office to never give up.

MARYANNE WAMBUI vied for the office of MCA at Ngecha ward in Limuru Constituency. The ward is densely populated, the people are hardworking and invest heavily in agribusiness. The ward has huge farms, investments in real estate including hosting St Paul’s University and Jumuia Conference and Country Home.

Ms Wangari is an aggressive business lady, and remains optimistic in her journey in public and community service.

Maryanne Wambui vied for the Office of Ngecha-Tigoni Ward MCA

These women, despite having lost during Elections 2022, will remain a force in Kiambu politics and in transforming the lives of the people in any way they can.

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